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Leadership and Ethics

Market Situations The topic on Ethical leadership has been on the rise in recent decades. Global Companies continuously challenge to conduct their business in an appropriate manner that doesn’t get them into trouble affecting their bottom line or management of the organisation. Ethical leadership is about a behaviour that allows them to have integrity andContinue reading “Leadership and Ethics”

The Challenge of Managing Diverse Teams

Diversity Diversity is when people come together from a range of different social and ethnic backgrounds, including different genders and sexual orientations. Companies across industries are adopting diversity in their workforce as they see great opportunities with financial gains in their organisational operations. The benefits could out-weight the challenges which companies endeavour to achieve. FigureContinue reading “The Challenge of Managing Diverse Teams”

Analysis of Leadership

Managers Versus Leaders Leadership is the aptitude to produce extraordinary performance from people, to influence them act or omit an action. They can secure followers. Today’s leadership can arise from status in society, or from money or authority also known as ascribed leadership which is ephemeral (Tracy 2014). Managers master five basic functions: planning, organising,Continue reading “Analysis of Leadership”

A Coherent Vision of Leadership

Leadership In the new age of learning organisation, a leader is responsible to build the organisation and continually developing their staff and expanding their capabilities. Hence, they can be perceived as teachers, designers, and stewards. Figure 1 illustrates and explains the roles (Peter 2002). Inspiration The image of leadership to me is someone like RayContinue reading “A Coherent Vision of Leadership”

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  1. Great read! I am impressed by the amount of research done and the theories graphically explained. Diversity is clearly not enough to achieve the goals but to be inclusive annd communicate effectively as leaders- definitely a key take away for me from your article


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