A Coherent Vision of Leadership


In the new age of learning organisation, a leader is responsible to build the organisation and continually developing their staff and expanding their capabilities. Hence, they can be perceived as teachers, designers, and stewards. Figure 1 illustrates and explains the roles (Peter 2002).


The image of leadership to me is someone like Ray Dolby who invented noise-reduction technology and built Dolby Laboratories. Since inception, Dolby’s strategic management, led to its initial public offering in 2005 with a value of $495M, the company is now worth $10.38B (Macrotrends 2021). He is a leader that has spent most of his adult life dedicated to sound technology.  He shares his dream and find ways for his employees to excel on what they set out to do. On top of philanthropical contributions, Ray Dolby (Catherine 2017) created a positive organizational culture that includes grooming leaders. Management at Dolby inspires and motivate staff to excel and take over leadership roles.  A clear strategic vision develops an effective organization structure and motivate people in the team to achieve shared goals in the most effective way.

Regular and effective communications at Dolby, where the leadership will advocate transparency and Genuity. For example, at Dolby email is usually the main correspondence for all forms of communications which includes feedbacks, status reports, and even birthday wishes.

Positive Culture is important to the leaders to endeavour and invest in human capital which are the intangible assets of the company such as training, skills, and health. Empathy is often bypass as a competent ability needed as an accelerator in an organisation. Leaders need skills that allows them to be more thoughtful and understanding. Although Ray Dolby may be recognised in the office as a transactional leader, he has also portrayed idealized influence, inspirational motivator, intellectual stimulator, and individual considerate which are inherent in transformational leaders.  The leadership style is evident in a company like Dolby where they adopt learning organisation business strategy (Jim & Barry 2012).

Dolby as a Learning Organisation

The leadership at Dolby can be seen to apply the Senge’s Five Disciplines of Learning organisation. Figure 2. illustrates the Dolby’s strategy towards a learning organisation (Dusya & Mary 2004). At Dolby, innovation is not forced but due to its synergy of culture, leadership and talent that pools together to create new and innovative products and services. The knowledge is shared, and teamwork materialises dreams. As the community is strengthened, problems are solved collectively and minds that thinking alike will invite creative solutions. Ultimately, greater efficiency and efficacy is achieved as the teams are agile and streamlined whilst not going off track to their common goals (Rachel 2020).

Colleagues’ perspective of me

Base on the interview I had with my peers and reporting manager at the office. I am deemed to be good at communication, getting my message across well. I can do effective delegation for business needs and always taking constructive criticism well, open to doing what’s needed.

However, these are areas that I would like to personally work on and master as well. I am at a phase of my life where I want to offer guidance rather than shout out commands to get things done. Coach people by not just telling them what to do but more leading them to think what’s the best approach for them with them thinking about it. Overall being supportive of downlines on ambitions and goal that have been discussed and set in motion.


I have seen how Kevin Yeaman CEO of Dolby frequently making decisions based on information given by his competent senior executives around him. Organisational challenges are decided collectively as he often will apply his transformational leadership values into his followers. There is no one size fits all rule to leading a team, there are multiple theories and guidelines, but a true leader can apply the appropriate style to the situation. This is my biggest take away in wanting to lead in a changing world.

Leadership has vision and adapts to the volatile situation that happens frequently. Hence, I will endeavour to keep up with the pace.

Throughout the MBA I am looking to foster relationships and learn from fellow course mates. Leadership is an ongoing process; I plan to continue to get ideas from course mates and learn from the various available resources. More importantly, observe the surrounding and be prepared to be agile. It will be a beautiful day with hopes and aspiration.


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Published by EdwinR

I am presently championing as Head of cinema sales (SEA & ANZ) with Dolby Singapore Pte Ltd. Dolby is not just about going to the Movies. Look in your phones, tablets, netflix or apple TV. we are all around you. Having been exposed to the Media, Audio- Visual and events related industry for more than 2 decades i just have that synergy to just bring out the best in people and motivate them to get across as a team. In Dolby its just difficult to be an I but way better to be a WE and that's why Dolby is a world leader in the cinema & audio business. I excel in the business fields where closing sales is my forte. My expertise is always to lead a lean team. To bring out the best with team members. Motivate, learn and encourage is key to leading a team. Thou simple as it sounds you need a dedicated person who can nurture the best out of individuals. This is evident in the achievements from my various companies that I have been employed. In Dolby, I am responsible for the overall sales and marketing of my business unit, I deal with both system integrators and direct users of my product. I am agile and versatile. Coming down to the trenches to lead the pack when needed and let them learn along the way as well to help me achieve the overall goal in line with current company initiatives.

12 thoughts on “A Coherent Vision of Leadership

  1. I like the thought of “offer guidance” meaning you are open to grooming the next talent of leaders internally or externally, and indirectly setting an example of your leadership style. right?


  2. Is a blessing to be surrounded by smart senior executives with vision and clear goals. You have a great thought process of how to be an inclusive and effective leader!

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