I am presently championing as Head of cinema sales (SEA & ANZ) with Dolby Singapore Pte Ltd. Dolby is not just about going to the Movies. Look in your phones, tablets, netflix or apple TV. “We are all around you”. Having been exposed to the Media, Audio- Visual and events related industry for more than 2 decades I just have that synergy to just bring out the best in people and motivate them to get across as a team. In Dolby its just difficult to be an I but way better to be a WE and that’s why Dolby is a world leader in the cinema & audio business. I excel in the business fields where closing sales is my forte. My expertise is always to lead a lean team. To bring out the best with team members. Motivate, learn and encourage is key to leading a team. Thou simple as it sounds you need a dedicated person who can nurture the best out of individuals. This is evident in the achievements from my various companies that I have been employed. I am agile and versatile. Coming down to the trenches to lead the pack when needed and let them learn along the way.

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